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Our reconstructive dentistry Repairing dental damage

The aim of our reconstructive dentistry is to make you happier and healthier. You may have been in the position of needing a filling or a crown, but what you might not have realised is that many dental solutions have a life expectancy and will degrade over time. Reconstructive dentistry can help by replacing old dental aids, but we provide a much wider range of services. You might not need replacements but instead require implants or dentures. We will help you to assess what solution works best for you.

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An interesting development of modern dentistry is tooth implants. Useful for permanently filling the gaps left by missing teeth, tooth implants seek to replace teeth by emulating the way teeth work. In the same way a real tooth is anchored to a gum by its root, a tooth implant is held in place by an extremely durable metal root. Implanted teeth themselves may take the form of bridges, crowns or dentures, all constructed from tough and realistic materials. If you have lost teeth and want to make sure that you have a last replacement, implants could be the right choice for you. Call Cathay Dental Practice in Reading for more information.


Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy with routine dental procedures is very important, but we understand that there will always be problems. We offer a range of reconstructive dental procedures for when things go wrong. Out technicians are non-judgemental  and treat all patients with the upmost respect.

Repairing dental damage

The subject of dentures is surrounded by many preconceptions. We know all about the stereotypes, and we'd like to reassure you that dentures are not what you might imagine. Modern dentures are not the awkward devices of fifty years ago. We can supply you with individually fitted dentures which are comfortable and tailored to your mouth. With sophisticated materials, the denture industry is now able to produce dentures which look realistic and come with a range of natural colours. Full or partial dentures are no more uncomfortable than a filling or crown.


The importance of reconstruction